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Irish Breakfast tea delivers a malty taste for a full-bodied cup of tea. Drink this robust tea like the Irish do and add a dash of milk to your cup.

Full-Bodied Irish Breakfast Tea from Cisco’s

Irish Breakfast tea is more robust than English Breakfast and has a distinctive malty taste, thanks to its strong dose of Assam tea.

Higher in caffeine than green or white teas, a cup of Irish Breakfast tea is perfectly matched with a hearty breakfast, or enjoyed throughout the day whenever you’re in need of a recharge.

Given it’s a strong tea, it’s best enjoyed with a dash of milk, or it can be served black with sugar or honey. Prepare your Irish Breakfast tea by using freshly boiled water, and steep the tea leaves for 2-4 minutes. Once you’ve tried our Irish Breakfast, why not try our other delicious black teas, such as Keemun tea or Russian Caravan?

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