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Also known as Dian Hong tea, Yunnan tea is a high-end black Chinese tea hailing from the Yunnan province that can be drank on its own or used in other tea blends. ItÕs favoured for its smooth flavour, nutty aroma and deep brassy colour.

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Southwest China has a rich history of tea growing, so it’s no wonder that Yunnan is revered as one of the best Chinese teas.

While it’s considered to be a black tea in western countries (due to the colour of the leaves), it’s classified as a red tea in China because of the beautiful liquor colour it produces.

With a smooth taste and no astringency, Yunnan tea is drank without milk to bring out its bold flavour. Steep your Yunnan tea leaves for 2-4 minutes depending on your preference, and always use freshly boiled water. If you’re looking for more full-flavoured black Chinese teas, why not try our Keemun tea as well? 

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