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Coffee Grinding Tips

Grinding your coffee correctly is essential to enjoying the perfect cup. If you choose to purchase whole beans, then you’ll need to know how to correctly grind your beans according to your brewing method.

No matter how you like your coffee, it’s always preferable to grind your beans just before use to ensure premium freshness. 

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Which coffee grinder should I use?

Coffee grinders fall into one of two categories: blade and burr. Most coffee experts and baristas will recommend a burr grinder, thanks to its ability to grind beans in a uniform size.

There are two different types of burr grinders available– conical and flat – but they ultimately produce the same result of consistently ground beans.

You may choose to purchase a manual or electric grinder depending on your budget, how frequently you drink coffee, and how much space you have available to store it. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of grinding, then an electric grinder is your best option. With in-built grinding and dosage settings, it’s easy to get perfectly ground beans for your brew of choice. 

At Cisco’s Coffee, we sell an array of both hand-held and electric grinders to suit every type of coffee drinker. If you’re not sure which grinder is best for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find your perfect coffee grinder.  

Grind settings

No matter which grinder you choose, it’s important to know the grind settings appropriate for each brewing method.

Extra course
Suitable for cold-brew coffee

Use coarsely ground beans for French press/plunger coffee, as well as siphons

Medium course
Medium course beans are best used in flat-bottomed filters (such as in automatic coffee makers) 

Best for cone-shaped filters  

Stovetop coffee makers require finely ground beans

Extra fine
Turkish or Greek-style coffee needs extra fine coffee grounds  

If you’re still not sure which grind is best for your brewing method, get in touch with us today. We sell an array of grinders, from hand-held to electronic, to help you prepare the best-tasting coffee. All of our beans can also be purchased pre-ground for your convenience, so you can enjoy delicious coffee straight away. 

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