$35.00 / kg

A full flavoured Cuban blend with a wonderful chocolate finish.

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$29.00 / kg

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Mocca Espresso

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A robust blend of Cisco's roasted Arabica beans

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M Blend

$29.00 / kg

An aromatic blend packed with flavour

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Long recognised as a leader in coffee beans, Cisco’s blend of Cuban Coffee is sure to please even the fussiest coffee drinkers.

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Cuban Coffee

Here at Cisco’s Coffee, we believe that Cuban coffee is some of the best in the world. Known for being a full bodied blend with undertones of chocolate, it’s definitely a coffee bean that won’t disappoint. Cuba has been growing and exporting coffee since the mid-18th century, and given the high quality and flavoursome nature of Cuban coffee, it’s no wonder it’s still a primary export today. Thankfully for our customers, Cisco’s Coffee have challenged their expert team of roasters to source coffee beans from all over the world, thereby establishing a world of coffee beans online. Now, whether it’s Cuban coffee that you’re looking for, organic or Ethiopian, you can find the beans you’re after with ease online.

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