$30.00 / kg

This single origin Kenya bean is roasted to create a mild full flavour with a hint of acidity. Classed as a Double A grade coffee.

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Mocca Arabica

$29.00 / kg

A blend of South American and African Arabica beans

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Mocca Espresso

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A robust blend of Cisco's roasted Arabica beans

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M Blend

$29.00 / kg

An aromatic blend packed with flavour

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With the majority of jobs in Kenya dedicated to the coffee industry, this bean is produced with passion and experience from past generations. Taste the mild, full flavour today.

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Kenyan Coffee

Delicious Kenyan Beans Made Easy By Cisco’s

Fun fact: Kenya takes its coffee that seriously, it is illegal to uproot or destroy the trees. With an estimated six million Kenyans employed within the coffee industry, it is certainly a central point of life in Kenya. The Kenyan coffee industry constitutes the production, marketing, and trading of the Kenyan beans, and the majority of the beans are produced by small scale farmers. The beans from Kenya are highly popular thanks to their wonderful aroma, perfect balance of acidity and body, and quality fruit used in production. Similar to the neighbouring Ethiopian coffee beans, the Kenyan coffee blend is known for a fragrant, sharp and fruity bean and is extremely satisfying. It has never been easier to get your hands on the delicious Kenyan coffee range, so come down to the Windsor store in Melbourne or shop online to have the coffee delivered straight to your door. Open your eyes to the world of coffee at Cisco’s today.

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