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Coffee is perishable, so storing your coffee correctly is essential. Coffee has two major enemies; oxygen in the atmosphere and UV light. Eighty percent of the flavour and aroma of coffee comes from the natural oils of the bean. These oils dissipate quickly when in contact with oxygen in the atmosphere and/or UV light. Therefore, a vacuum container where the oxygen is extracted is ideal.

However, an airtight container will also do. A cool, dark place to store the coffee is also essential. Should you choose to keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer make sure that the container has come back to room temperature prior to opening. Otherwise condensation will immediately degrade your coffee. The shelf life of beans correctly stored should be 3-4 weeks. Ground coffee, correctly stored, should last 2-3 weeks.

expert tips Tips for your Appliance

In order to get the best out of your plunger first pour boiled water into your beaker in order to warm the beaker. Pour out the water then put in the correct amount of coffee, 10 grams per cup, and add your water 1 minute off the boil. Allow to brew for 3-4 minutes. Then plunge slowly.


Ensure that your mesh screen or your filter paper is always kept clean. Use water 1 minute off the boil.

Stove top espresso

Ensure your pot is always kept clean. Always fill your coffee basket to its maximum point without tampering. Fill your water chamber up to the safety valve and not over. Use a low flame at all times and remove the pot immediately after the water chamber empties. Being a pressure vessel it is of paramount importance that your water and coffee measure are exactly as specified.


Ensure all seals are in good condition in order to create a suitable vacuum.

Espresso Machine

Although the procedures of using an automatic or manual espresso machine is not something to be explained briefly here, there are some universal procedures to getting the most out of your machine. It is preferable to use filtered water in your machine to remove any impurities which may taint the flavour and aroma of your coffee. For more information on using espresso machines we highly recommend the book Barista Bible written by Christine Cottrell which available on this website. Due to the varying nature of espresso machines you must follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding servicing intervals and de-scaling procedures.

expert tips Grinding Tips

It is always preferable to grind your beans just before use. This ensures premium freshness. If however you do not own a grinder, make sure that your beans are ground for the specific appliance that you are using as each appliance requires a different level of grind.

expert tips Purchasing Coffee

Always purchase your coffee directly from a coffee roaster in order to ensure freshness, informed recommendations for beans that suit your method and palate and an experienced roaster should be able to grind your coffee correctly or guide you in grinding your coffee yourself for your equipment at home.

Another tip to always remember when purchasing beans is to never buy beans that look wet or oily as this is a sign of either over roasting or staleness.

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