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Fair trade Coffee

Free and Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the largest industries responsible for huge trading policies between countries around the world and as such has become an extremely valuable product. Interestingly, most of the world’s coffee beans are farmed by small family businesses in developing countries. As a result of their size they have little bargaining power relative to a few large and powerful international companies that have monopolised the business. For that reason, never has Fair Trade coffee been more important than it is now.

Unfortunately, the conditions for these small farmers are terrible and they are forced to price their produce very low. The Fair Trade Coffee Beans system aims to increase the buying power of the smaller companies so that their wages are reasonable. Companies that participate in the free trade system don’t abuse their producers, but are fighting against the big monopolies. Help make the system fair by buying our delicious Fair Trade coffee and organic coffee Australia wide, whilst helping our producers from unfair work conditions.