Experience the best of filter coffee.

Extract the taste profile of your coffee beans, giving a flavourful slow brew experience. 

Key facts to keep your filter coffee fancy include 

  1. While ‘Filter Coffee’ is often used to describe a range of different devices: Pourover, AeroPress, Chemex, Batch Brewer, Syphon…and heaps of others.
  2. It’s the ‘low-pressure brewing’, that gives a lighter mouthfeel and with flavours that are more subtle & detailed.
  3. Start with the right grind of coffee for your equipment. Medium course beans are best used in flat-bottomed filters, while a medium grind is best for cone-shaped filters. If you’re using an AeroPress we suggest a medium fine grind
  4. Slowly pour your water from the middle out – using a gooseneck kettle can help here.

Then sit back and enjoy the flavours brought out thanks to your filter coffee fancy.

Available in-store Saturdays.

Enjoy a complimentary coffee tasting with us every Saturday 


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