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Gunpowder Green Tea


Gunpowder green tea is produced in the Zheijiang Province of China. Unlike many other loose-leaf teas, the leaves of this tea are rolled into small, round pellets that preserve freshness and deliver an intense flavour.

Legend has it that soldiers believed these tea pellets resembled gunpowder from their ammunition, hence the name. When brewed, the leaves open up to reveal a yellow liquor with a strong and slightly smoky flavour.

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Gunpowder tea leaves are dried and rolled into small pellets to maintain the freshness and flavour of the leaves. This tea also has higher levels of caffeine than other green teas, and is popular for its lingering smoky flavour.

To enjoy a delicious cup of gunpowder green tea, brew with water at 80 degrees and let the leaves steep for 2-3 minutes. The leaves may also be re-used for a second brew. Once you’ve tried our gunpowder tea, make sure you try our peppermint leaf, for a gentler and soothing drink. 

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