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Through 50 years of researching and living coffee, Cisco’s World of Coffee has refined its selection of beans to only those of the highest quality. To keep our high standards we source our raw beans from all over the world getting the unique flavours of each continent to create an unparalleled selection for our customers.



Australian coffee, which is made entirely from the Arabica bourbon variety, is of very high quality. The flavor is soft, with unusual little bitterness or caffeine.


Coffee production in Brazil is responsible for about a third of all coffee, making Brazil by far the world's largest producer, a position the country has held for the last 150 years. As one would imagine there are many variations of beans available from Brazil but as a general rule they are soft and mild with a low acidity.


First introduced to Colombia in 1808 the country has now become the second largest producer of coffee beans in the world after Brazil.Colombian coffee is one of the few original coffees sold all over the world under its own name. No other coffee has achieved that degree of consumer regard for its quality. Its beans are silky and aromatic with a strong memorable flavour.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its rich, well-drained, volcanic soil was the first Central American country to grow coffee on a commercial basis. These excellent conditions make for a light, clean flavour and a wonderful fragrance. They have been growing coffee beans in Costa Rica since 1729 and with a population of around 4 million Costa Rica has over 400 million coffee trees. Proving it is a country that loves its coffee.


The coffee from Cuba is clean tasting and medium bodied with a smoky flavour. It has lower acidity than many of the coffees grown in Central America because its grown at a lower altitude.

East Timor

East Timor is a developing economy; with growing trade opportunities and premium export coffee. The coffee it produces is organic and has a well balanced and pleasant woody flavor. It is low in acidity and has a pronounced sweet aroma.


The Arabica coffee tree originated in Ethiopia and the name “coffee” derives from the Ethiopian town of Kaffa. Today Ethiopia is a significant producer and quality Ethiopian coffees are amongst the most unusual in the world. The beans from Ethiopia have a unique rich, fruity taste that is perfectly balanced.


Coffee trees were introduced to Guatemala in 1750 and today most production is carried out in the south of the country where the slopes of the volcanic mountains provide ideal conditions for fine quality Arabica beans. The result is a wonderfully lively coffee with a spicy and complex flavour.


Most coffee in India is grown in the southern states of Karanataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. South Indian coffee is typically wet-processed and is smooth, sweet, and medium bodied.


Indonesia is blessed with an ideal geography for coffee growing. The longitude and latitude of the country means that the island origins are all well suited micro-climates for the growth and production of coffee. The Dutch introduced coffee trees to Indonesia in the mid 17th century. They produce a subtly aromatic coffee that as a whole is quite strong and warmly flavored.


A fragrant, sharp and fruity coffee bean is what Kenya is known for. Highly popular Kenyan coffee is wonderfully satisfying with its aroma, excellent balance of acidity and body, and excellent fruit. Kenya takes its coffee so seriously it is illegal to uproot or destroy coffee trees.


Mexico is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world and they are best known for the Maragogype, or elephant bean, which is large and gives a smooth mellow, fragrant coffee.


Nicaragua coffees are among the finest in the world. They are known for their top quality beans that are very fragrant and excellent for espresso. The beans mild body also makes for an excellent blending bean.

Papua New Guinea

The coffee from Papua New Guinea is high grown, being produced at altitudes between 4,265 and 5,905 feet above sea level, and its high quality is largely due to the altitudes at which it is grown. In addition most of the native grown beans are organic due to the problems and costs of transporting fertilizers and pesticides to the farms. The result is a gamey, rich and full bodied excellent for blending and on its own.


As much as 98% of all Peruvian coffee is grown in the forest areas providing a balanced bean with valued acidity. It is used primarily in blends for all styles of coffee.


Arabica trees were first brought to Vietnam by French missionaries in 1865 they were mostly sourced from Java or Bourbon. But today Vietnam mainly produce Robusta beans with a mid-range and good balance of flavour suited mainly to blending.


With a coffee history dating back as long as the 16th century Yemen coffee is excellent, soft and aromatic with a gamey flavour unique to Yemen. About 10 local varieties descended from the original beans from Ethiopia are still grown in Yemen.

The world of coffee right here at Cisco’s Coffee in Melbourne. We source our beans from all over the world and bring it to you to enjoy anywhere in Australia.

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