Enjoy quality coffee at home every day with these top tips.

It’s one thing to buy good coffee, but making good coffee at home is a whole different story. That’s why it’s important you understand the ins-and-outs of your coffee appliances. Here we share with you our top coffee appliance tips to ensure you can enjoy quality coffee at home every day.

No matter which appliance you use, it’s important to use freshly roasted coffee that’s been ground just before use, as fresh coffee always tastes better.  

Espresso Machine

Specific procedures for using an automatic or manual espresso machine will vary from model to model. However, there are some universal tips that will assist you in getting the most out of your machine: 

  • Use filtered water in your machine to remove any impurities which could taint the flavour and aroma of your coffee
  • Use pre-warmed coffee cups by pouring some hot water into them before use
  • Heat the portafilter before use
  • Ensure that the coffee in the portafilter is level and tightly compact
  • Make sure you brush off all loose grounds on the portafilter, or they’ll end up floating in your coffee
  • Clean and descale your machine regularly, at least once a month 

Filter Coffee

Whether you’re using a paper or permanent filter, here are some tips to ensure you enjoy a delicious filter coffee every time. 

  • Ensure that your mesh screen or filter paper is always kept clean
  • Warm your cup and cone with just-boiled water
  • Pour water in a slow, circular motion. This ensures the perfect extraction
  • Drink your filter coffee within 20 minutes of brewing. It can develop a bitter taste after this 

Stovetop Espresso

The stovetop Moka pot is a classic favourite, and might be one of the easiest ways to make a delicious coffee at home. Here are a few essential tips to follow to guarantee a delicious brew.  

  • Use freshly boiled water to fill the pot base just below the level of the pressure valve 
  • Don’t tamp the coffee when placing it in the filter basket. The coffee will expand while it’s on the stove, so it needs some room to percolate properly
  • Place the coffee maker on a medium heat on the stovetop
  • Remove from the stove as soon as the upper part of the pot is filled with coffee 

Siphon Coffee Maker

While one of the more complex methods for making a coffee, coffee enthusiasts love siphons, or vacuum brewers, for their ability to deliver a rapid extraction and a clean cup of coffee. 

  • Ensure all seals are in good condition in order to create a suitable vacuum
  • Heat the top chamber to 94 degrees – you’ll need a thermometer to monitor this
  • Ensure to fully saturate the ground beans when adding them to the top carafe. You can use a flat stirrer to do this
  • Wait between 45 seconds and a minute before removing the heat source and stirring the coffee 

French Press & Plunger

A plunger is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a delicious coffee at home. Drinkers like it for its ability to vary the strength according to the amount of grounds and water used. While a simple method, there are some important steps to follow to create a clean coffee. 

  • Pre-heat the plunger and cup with boiling water
  • Don’t use boiling water when making plunger coffee, as this could cause the coffee to burn. Instead, let the boiling water stand for about a minute before using
  • When pouring water over the coffee, ensure to leave a 2.5cm gap at the top, and then stir to mix the ground beans
  • Remember that the longer the coffee stands, the stronger it gets. Anywhere between 3-5 minutes is preferable